Access your Azure VMs through a Web Browser with ThinRDP

Sometimes, especially in enterprise environments, firewalls prevent connecting via RDP to Azure Windows VMs over port 3389. Quite often, the only outgoing ports being open in the network are 80 and 443 for HTTP(S). Additionally, RDP-over-SSL based technologies like Azure RemoteApp require users to install an app on the client, which also imposes a challenge in many cases, e.g. due to corporate policies.

Wouldn’t it be nice to access your Azure VMs via the browser in an RDP-like manner, without the need for special client-side software and networking configuration? Well, that can actually be done by installing ThinRDP on the target VM. This post will show you how to achieve that in a completely automated manner, using PowerShell with an Azure Resource Manager template and a custom script extension.

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